COLOURPOP eye shadow review & swatches

Hello friends,
today I want to share some swatches and a little review of the ColourPop Super Shock eye shadows Dare, Paradox and Animal. I got them during the free international shipping last month for 5$ each from ColourPop’s website. Shipping my order to Germany took about two weeks customs clearance included. I think you will always have to pay taxes on top because ColourPop does not ship their stuff as presents like other companies and therefore you will have to pay for the entry of goods. By the way you can look forward to the next blog post about three different kinds of ColourPop’s Liquid Lipsticks!

                      P A C K A G I N G


The Super Shock eye shadows first come in a pretty cardboard packaging. The colours are securely packed inside of a white plastic container with a twist-off cap. For me the twist-off cap works ok. From time to time I struggle a little bit with closing it though. Keep in mind that you really do need the cap because the eye shadows will maybe dry out a bit if you forget to put it on.


I think the white containers could become dirty over time and I guess they will get stained from the shadows but I do not mind. To be honest I am not a big fan of white plastic and white packaging -to me it always looks inexpensive in a bad way. The plastic feels and looks cheap in my opinion and there is a little production error on the surface of all of the containers. Nonetheless I think it is not bad at all considering its price!


                              CLOSE UPS

D A R E – a lovely purple colour with pretty blueish glitter.img_0083P A R A D O X – a deep burgundy colour with a satin finish.img_0084A N I M A L – a salmon-pink colour with silver glitter.img_0085IMG_0074--.jpg

              S C E N T & T E X T U R E


Every eye shadow has its own artifical smell to it and I tried to find good examples for you to get an idea of what the scent is like. All in all they smell like acrylics and crayons. One even reminded me of the chemical smell of most liquid lipsticks. I think that the explanation for the unique smell of each shade is the different pigments that have been used to create the colours.
Thankfully the scent is not noticable during the application or while you wear the eye shadows on your eye lids. (ノ゚▽゚)ノ You really have to come close to them with your nose.

All eye shadows have a smooth texture that is easy to apply on the lids with your finger tips. It is totally different from regular powdery eye shadows. I would say that these are my new favorites just because of their almost cream like consistency and easy application. They are buttery soft, which I absolutely love.

Some of the Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palettes have high shimmer eye shadows, that have a higher softness to them than regular eye shadows. In comparison to these Sleek eye shadows the Super Shocks from ColourPop ones are a little creamier. I guess the ColourPop Super Shocks lose their softness when they dry out after using them a lot which does not happen to the ones from Sleek that I always leave open on my commode. On the ColourPop website they offer tips for application and also offer an advice: “When finished, close that sucker up tight! Don’t leave the jar opened for long periods of time, you may lose some of the magic that makes the Super Shock Shadow so amazing.”

When you dip your brush or finger tip into the eye shadow it will sink into it and leave a little ‘pit’. I took pictures of every eyeshadow after using it once for my eye and swatching it once on my arm. The dark red eyeshadow, Paradox, shows how my finger took away a little bit of the pattern first for the swatch. Then I dipped in a brush and it left the eyeshadow with a hole. For me the pictures speak for themselve in terms of the texture.


            S W A T C H E S



Dare applied on the whole eyelid without any primer.


For the two bottom pictures I used Animal on the movable eye lid and Paradox in the inner corner and for the crease area. Again the eye shadows were applied without primer on clean eye lids with my finger tips.

Until now I do not have anything to complain about these eye shadows and I am impressed with the texture. I would definitely buy them again. Hopefully you find this review helpfull!
Have a nice day,

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Makeuprevolution Ultra Blush Palette Hot Spice & Sugar and Spice // Swatches & First Impressions

Hello friends,
today I want to share my first impressions and swatches of the Makeuprevolution Ultra Blush Palettes Hot Spice and Sugar and Spice with you. I already posted my impression of the Ultra Blush Golden Sugar Palette from Makeuprevolution a while ago and this palette is the reason why I purchased these two palettes too! This time I also got swatches of all three palettes for you. By the way I got my palettes here for 7,99€ each (except for the Golden Sugar which was 9,99€ at the time) but you can also just go to their website and buy them there!


                        P A C K A G I N G



For a palette this affordable I think the packaging is of a very high quality. The palette comes with a nice mirror that I used a lot when I was on vacation.
There is just one thing that some people might dislike about the black high shine plastic of this palette because it gets dirty all the time, it is full of finger prints and it will not be easy to be kept clean and shiny. I do not mind at all though because the plastic is strong and of a good quality that keeps my blushes safe.(●⌒∇⌒●)


                  S C E N T & T E X T U R E

All three palettes that I own do not have any unpleasant smell whatsoever. I would say they do not smell like anything which is a huge plus for me and probably for many other people too who dislike strong scented blushes/makeup. I have come across a lot of affordable makeup palettes now and the smell was often a problem that came with them so I am super happy that Makeuprevolution seems to care about this issue and probably uses better quality ingredients.


I wanted to show you this picture because I think that it’s important to point out that each shade of the palettes has their own texture. The blushes with glitter particles or high shimmer are my favorite because the matter ones tend to crumble a little. I like to use some of these colours for my eye makeup also so this kind of texture leads to fallout and a little mess in the palette itself. If you use these shades as blush only the texture differences will not be a problem at all. In this picture you can see how the shades looked after I used a finger for a swatch. As you can see there is a big difference in all pans and the more brownish colour did not take the swatch as well as the pink shade right next to it.


This is how my Golden Sugar Palette looks like after using it for a little longer than three months. I use it almost every day and I still have not hit a pan. The high shimmer on most of the shades of the Golden Sugar Palette resembles all of the highlighter and shimmery shades of the Hot Spice and Sugar and Spice palettes. They have a lot of fallout and make a mess inside the palette. I purposely did not clean up the mess to show you how your palettes will probably look after a while of using them.


                           S W A T C H E S

Sugar and Spicesugar-und-spice

Hot Spicehot-spice-palette

Golden Sugar

Highlighter Colours in comparison (orange tones Hot Spice, pink tones Sugar and Spice)highlighter-compared

I did not swatch the highlighter colours from the Golden Sugar Palette next to the highlighters from the other two palettes because in my opinion almost all shades from the Golden Sugar palette can work as highlighter or bronzer because of their high shimmer.



So far I am in love with all three palettes but my absolute favorite is the Golden Sugar Palette. The white highlighter goes well with every skin colour and it also has the perfect pink blush shades for my own skin tone. But I am a huge fan of the orange colour of the Hot Spice Palette and I have already used it as eye shadow and blush for a makeup look. You can see it on my instagram @melodyflausch. The extremely pigmented purple highlighter shade from the Sugar and Spice Palette is very unique too! I do not regret buying the other two palettes at all since they have such a great quality for a budget and I cannot wait to do more makeup looks with these!! All in all I would purchase all three palettes again.

Have a nice day! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


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bhcosmetics BH Liquid Lipstick Review

Hey guys, today I want to share my opinion on the bhcosmetics BH Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Muse, Clara and Serena with you. I have been trying to get my hands on these for about three months now and I was sooo happy when I finally read that they are back in stock! I got them on the German bhcosmetics website for 9€ each during a promotion with free shipping. They often have promotions like this so keep your eyes open for coupon codes and free gifts with your purchase!

                        P A C K A G I N G


The liquid lipsticks come in a long tube and have a doe foot applicator like most other liquid lipsticks.

                                 S C E N T

I would describe the scent as subtle but noticible. If you directly take a deep breath and hold the applicator in front of your nose it smells very similar to mascara which I find quite interesting. (˙ᘧ ͜ ˙ ) After the application I do not smell anything though and I have a very good sense of smell. So if you do not like a strong scent with lip products this is definitely a good choice. Maybe some of you already know the liquid lipsticks from LaSplash and own one. Compared to the LaSplash liquid lipsticks these do not smell artifical and strong at all!

                             T E X T U R E

The formula is very smooth and the product glides on the lips very easily. It did not dry too fast, so I was able to correct any mistakes without worrying about ruining everything. All shades that I got are opaque and I could not find any difference in the quality or texture. The lipstick dries completely matte and is kiss-, smudge- and waterproof.
I’d like to compare these to the LaSplash liquid lipsticks again because the bhcosmetics’ one’s do not crumble like they do if you apply more than a thin layer. I felt like the bhcosmetics one’s are a lot more forgiving if you make any mistakes during the application.


                           S W A T C H E S


                                 M U S E



                                 C L A R A


                                S E R E N A


Muse is my favorite out of the three. It is a unique colour with a greyish undertone. Sometimes I find it to look kind of purpleish too. It is hard to get a colour like this in the drugstore. So this is definitely a great piece for my collection and I already see myself wearing it a lot!

Clara is the deepest of the liquid lipsticks that I bought. It is not red not pink, a perfect middle ground in my opinion. I find Clara has a little bit of a muted greyish undertone as well which makes it so unique compared to other red or darker pink lipstick colours.

Serena is a beautiful peachy colour. I find that it has the same texture and smell like the other two shades.

In the pictures on the website all three shades that I got look a little too similar in my opinion. All shades are very unique and I am absolutely in love with them. They didn’t disappoint at all!

                                     D U R A B I L I T Y

I have worn Muse without any lip liner or base for more than 6 hours and it did not crumble at all. It was smudge-, kiss- and waterproof. After eating a few pizza slices I could not notice a big difference. The colour was still sitting quite well on my lips although the food I have eaten contained huge amounts of oil/fat. This was very surprising to be honest! Maybe I subconciously ate less careless, haha.

Here are two pictures to show you the before and after of wearing the lipstick for 6 hours+ and eating/drinking.

IMG_8053IMG_8061-As you can see the middle part of my lip was already ‘naked’. But I do not blame the liquid lipstick because it always happens to me. Usually it already happens after a few minutes of wearing ANY lipstick that I got – no matter what kind. I have never not have had this issue unless I used a lot of lip tint in the middle part of my lip. So my conclusion is that the lipstick lasted almost perfect throughout the testing phase and touching it up a little after 6 hours is definitely fine for me. But I think I could have worn it even longer like this.



Another pic of Muse right after the application. ( ◞・౪・) Follow me on instagram @melodyflausch to see more pictures of me wearing the bhcosmetics liquid lipsticks, other interesting products and new makeup looks! (●⌒∇⌒●)

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked my review. Have a nice day!


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Catrice Illuminating Highlighter Pen Review


Hey guys, today’s review is all about the new Illuminating Highlighter Pen from Catrice Cosmetics. This brandnew highlighter comes with a brush applicator. There is also a new bronzer with the same packaging and texture. Both cost about 3,95€ at a German drugstore like Rossmann.

IMG_7145-_meitu_1_meitu_1My favorite makeup look at the moment is based on glow and shimmer! For this rose gold look I used the Illuminating Highlighter Pen and topped it off with a little bit of the lightest shade from the Golden Sugar Palette from Makeup Revolution (my review) because I simply cannot get enough of that glooow. By the way you can find more makeup looks from me on my instagram @melodyflausch! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ



I am not a big fan of applicators like this. In my opinion they are not spreading the product very well because of the cheap plastic. The product definitely needs to be blended with a beauty blender or something else to avoid a streaky look. It is not easy to clean this brush properly and I think it is not meant to be cleaned. So I do not use the brush and let a drop of product fall on the back of my hand or finger tip and spread it with a makeup brush or my finger on my face. This way the brush does not get dirty and I can apply the product evenly.


The texture can be described as lightweight and creamy. I can mix it well with my bb cream or my makeup if I want to. It is not sticky or unpleasant in any way and it blends quite well with my makeup. Though I find it a little tricky to apply with a beauty blender and would recommend to pat it on the skin with your fingertips and work it into your makeup or what ever you used under the highlighter as base.





This highlighter does a good job if you want to have glowing skin. It is perfect for an everyday look. If you prefer a more dramatic look like me you can always just use a powder highlighter on top to set the creamy Illuminating Highlighter and create a glow that can be seen from outer space. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧
About the smell: To me this highlighter smells a little plasticy, artifically sweet and floral at the same time.

All in all I would definitely recommend to give this product a try since it is very affordable compared to other highlighters and one of the rare creamy highlighters from the drugstore that I know!


I hope you find this review helpful! Have a nice day,





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Makeup Look: Galaxy Freckles


Hey guys, today I want to share my first try on the makeup trend called “galaxy freckles“. My look is inspired by the beautiful artwork from Qinni. I love water colour inspired makeup looks! (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎) Also I am super happy to use all those bold colours from my eyeshadow palettes, hehe.




Here’s most of the products that I used. By the way you will find a review on this beautiful eyeshadow palette from bh cosmetics on my blog very soon. (´。✪ω✪。`)

Freckles: waterbased white facepaint for children (haha) that I bought at a local drugstore but I think a white liquid liner would be very handy for this look
“Galaxies”: bh cosmetics Day & Night Palette (review coming soon!), Professional Blush Palette and the Carli Bybel Palette
False Lashes: Amazon (similar to Dolly Wink Lashes 01 Dolly Sweet)
Lips: makeup revolution Unicorns Unite in the shade Throne (my review)
Glitter: NYX Glitter Cream Palette 11 Ocean Breeze and a normal iredescent glitter from a craft store/art supply
Lenses: Circle Violet from (my review)
Headpiece: Actually a necklace that a friend of mine got for me on taobao (there should be something similar on Amazon)

If you have any further questions concerning the products that I used I am happy to answer them in the comment section below. ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡



First of all I did my makeup like I always do: bb cream, powder, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lashes. Nothing special. After that I used a heavy amount of the brighest pink blush that I own (bh cosmetics Professional Blush Palette) and did a heavy contour for my cheekbones and near my hairline. Then I applied a lot of different eyeshadows with a fluffy brush. A blender brushes come very handy at this point but you can also use regular eyeshadow brushes. You cannot do anything wrong at this point because after this step you are going to apply massive amounts of glitter (NYX Glitter Cream Palette and iredescent glitter) that will blend with the eyeshadow and get all the attention. I found the glitter too heavy at this point and used a light pink highlighter to soften it a little (bh cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette). When you are satisfied with your results you can start applying white dots randomly on your cheeks and on your nose bridge but I advise you check out the artwork I mentioned before and try to immitate star constellations. It is always useful to use reference or inspirational pictures for special looks like this one.

I’m probably going to post step-by-step pictures next time. To be honest I forgot to do that for this look and hope these instructions are helpful anyway. (   ・㉨・)♡


C L O S E   U P S


As you can see the freckles are not completely “perfect” and a little messy. The brush I used is not made for precise little dots but I did not want to go for flawless dots because the stars should have some kind of glowing effect so to say.

Actually now that I saw all the pictures and went through the process of creating this look I want to do a dark galaxy makeup soon and use a very small brush and paint precise detailed stars.

Would be nice to see both versions and compare them to each other! ^-^

I hope you like this galaxy freckle makeup look! Have a nice day! (‐^▽^‐)









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Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite & Scandalous Immoral



Hey guys, I recently bought these four lipsticks from Makeup Revolution and I want to share some swatches and my opinion on them.
The lipsticks that I bought are from the Unicorns Unite collection and from the normal Amazing Lipstick collection. All four lipsticks were 1.50€ each.

I got Throne, Legend, Horn of Magic and Scandalous Immoral.

The Unicorns Unite collection comes with two more shades called Pink Myth and Magical. I didn’t buy them because I’m not into hot pink lipsticks at the moment and I thought two purple shades are enough already. Also Scandalous Immoral is part of a collection of many other fun coloured lipsticks (for example a bright yellow!).
The packaging of these lipsticks is not very special but I like the overall design pretty much. To be honest I think the caps might break easily if you just throw the lipstick in your bag or something like that. I don’t mind though because in the end the product itself probably doesn’t get damaged and I definitely do not expect a high quality packaging from a 1,50€ lipstick!



S W A T C H E S   &   T E X T U R EIMG_6447


To show you how easy these lipsticks come off I used a normal handkerchief and wiped the swatches away in one swipe.

The lipsticks bleed a little and I definitely recommend using a lipliner to help with that and the overall staying power of this product. The ‘normal’ formular from the baby blue Scandalous Immoral lipstick and the shimmery Unicorns Unite formular are similar in terms of staying power, smudging and bleeding but I prefer the Unicorns Unite formular.

Unicorns Unite: L E G E N DIMG_5946lila

Starting this review off with my absolute favorite of all of these lippies: Legend. It is a very pretty purple colour with a greyish undertone and less shimmer than the other shades. It comes with a higher pigmentation compared to Horn of Magic and Throne. This lipstick blends good with my natural lip colour.

Unicorns Unite: H O R N   O F   M A G I CIMG_5935blau

Horn of Magic is a very shimmery green colour that will be perfect for any upcomming costume party or mermaid look. Horn of Magic is buildable and you have to use a lot of layers to get the colour to show. Depending on your natural lip colour this one might be a little tricky. As you can see in my lip swatch picture the green becomes a little blueish due to my natural lip colour. Green has a hard time to show on red. All in all I find the results a little too patchy on my lips and I would like this shade to have a highter pigmentation. But maybe this is exactly the look you are going for and I think you can probably mix this lipstick very nicely with other colours because of its texture.


S C A N D A L O U S   I M M O R A L



This was the lipstick I was looking forward to the most but apparently it disappointed me a little. First of all the colour doesn’t suit me. Although I love blue lipstick I simply don’t feel this colour with my current hair colour and make-up looks. I will definitely try to use it for potential photoshootings and keep it in mind for costume parties or very special make-up looks though.
The colour pay-off is comparable to the other shades. It’s buildable but not to a point where I was happy with the results. To be honest I wouldn’t go out like this. As you can see in the lip swatch picture the blue looks patchy and doesn’t cover up my lip colour. It’s bleeding and the texture gave me a hard time to build up the colour to this point. But I wanted to give Scandalous Immoral a try and tested it with different bases such as a matte nude colour or a white colour or just powder. Sadly it didn’t help because of the lipsticks overall texture and pigmentation. If anyone can suggest a method to make these lipsticks build up better and stay a lot longer please let me know. My results didn’t satisfy me. At least it was a lot of fun trying this colour out and I learned that baby blue doesn’t suit me.


Unicorns Unite: T H R O N E

IMG_5942rosaThrone is my second favorite of the lippies. It’s a cute shimmery pink and it will probably look nice applied on top of other lipsticks to give them a little pink shimmer. Throne doesn’t look bad when it’s a little patchy or needs to be reablied because it’s so similar to my natural lip colour.


Texture: 4/10
I don’t like the texture at all. But there might be people who like it and don’t mind reaplying the lipstick very often throughout the day. I struggle giving the lipsticks less points because they are super cheap. As I said before I don’t expect much from a lipstick that costs 1,50€/1£ and I am quite happy that I could try out these colours for such a good price.
Price-performance ratio: 10/10
I think these lippies are fun and worth the price that I paid for them.
Colour: 7/10
The colours are pretty swatched on my arm but some don’t work on my lips because of the texture. The intention and the colour diversity is definitely a plus. You should check out the other colours from this brand because they offer a lot of fun and unique colours. Also for people who think about buying a similar shade from another brand that costs for example 20€ or more I definitely recommend trying these out beforehand so you can see if the colour suits you. This method helped me a lot (now I know that a baby blue doesn’t suit me that well).

Keep in mind that I only tested one of the normal Amazing Lipsticks and the others might work better than Scandalous Immoral. I recommend buying the Unicorns Unite collection instead of the other lipsticks though. Their shimmery texture worked better for me.

For my German readers: I bought the lipsticks and my blush palette from Makeup Revolution here. It was very convenient to order from this website: I didn’t have to pay for shipping and my order arrived within a few days.

I hope you find this review helpful! Have a nice day~



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LAsplash Studioshine LipLustre MEDUSA / EVIL QUEEN


Hey guys, this post is all about the LAsplash Studioshine LipLustre in the shade Medusa/Evil Queen.

This liquid lipstick was named Evil Queen first and now it’s called Medusa. Medusa comes in the usual LAsplash liquid lipstick packaging with silver details. It’s a beautiful deep red but at first I thought the colour in the tube looks way too light to come close to anything the pictures online looked like. When I put the colour on my lips it came out as a very pretty dark red that reminds me of red wine. The name fits the product very well in my opinion. Just imagine a Medusa wear this burgundy colour on her lips and her greenish skin tone and snake hair! I think this colour looks great with any skin tone and is perfect for a bold or elegant look.


What got me interested in this shade were some close-ups that showed a lot of glitter particles in the tube and on the lips. The sad truth is that these particles don’t show on the lips that much. I wasn’t expecting them to be super obvious though so I’m definitely not bummed by the fact that the particles show only from close up.

Anyone who is into matte liquid lipsticks and searches for a burgundy red colour should check this product out! All my LAsplash liquid lipsticks smell a little weird but not bad and the consistency is always the same. I haven’t noticed any differences from the lip cotoure, lip lustre or  smitten liptints texture wise. They dry basically the same and last about the same amount of time. You can read about my thoughts on the Smitten Liptint Deadly nightshade here.


For my German readers: I got all my LAsplash liquid lipsticks here. The shipping is about one week and I have ordered from them two times already. So far I have had only good experiences with this shop.

I hope you find this post helpful! Have a nice day!


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