Liquid Glitter Brush Set Review


EDIT: After posting this review and providing the person who contacted me the pictures for their website they stopped answering my messages. Therefore I don’t want to promote their website or products anymore and removed all links. Furthermore the brushes are no longer available on their website. In the future I will double check who I work with to avoid any similar experiences. Hopefully you will enjoy this picture heavy post nonetheless, since the brushes are true eye candy!



Hey guys,

today I want to share a beautiful Liquid Glitter Brush Set with you which got sent to me  to write this sponsored review! The brushes are on sale for 29,99$ at the moment. But if you use this link or my discount code MELODYFLAUSCH at checkout you will receive a 5$ discount for one set of the Liquid Glitter Brushes and pay only 24,99$.

By the way this will be a picture heavy post as usual. 🙂


Compilation 2 wm

The set comes with a cute and handy plastic bag and contains 7 versatile brushes:

1. Powder brush
2. Lip brush
3. Pencil brush
4. Fan brush
5. Angled brush (for brows / eyeliner)
6. Shadow blender brush
7. Blush brush

IMG_8762- wm

The liquid glitter part of the brushes reminds me a lot of my childhood and the 90s in general but also of Sailor Moon. I remember having glitter wands and pretending to be a magical girl. Now I can do magic with these brushes instead! haha 😀
Did you have a glitter wand like this too? I wish I still had mine, they would look cool together with the brushes on my vanity!

IMG_8631- wmIMG_8499- wmIMG_8607- wmIMG_8516- wm

F I R S T   I M P R E S S I O N S   &   R E V I E W

IMG_8757- wmMy first impression of the Liquid Glitter Brushes was extremely positive. When I opened the parcel the beautiful glitter of the bag and brushes immediately mesmerized me. Bag and brushes looked exactly like they were displayed on the website. I was expecting the glitter bag to have a strong plastic smell but neither the brushes nor the bag had an unpleasant smell at all.

On the website it says that the brushes are made of wool soft fiber that does not have any hair fallout and will stay true to it’s original colour.
I washed the brushes a few times by now and they maintain their beautiful pastel pink and blue colour.

Furthermore the synthetic fiber of the brushes does not disappoint either – it is very soft indeed. So far not a single hair has fallen out. The brushes are very nice to work with, they pick up the individual product very well as stated on the website. Every brush does a good job at what it is made for. But I also used the brow pencil for eyeliner already and that worked very well too. The Liquid Glitter Brush Set is very versatile in my opinion. The angled brush is my current favourite brush from the set but honestly I like all of them a lot!
The bag that comes with the brushes is very handy and travel friendly.

On their website you can find other trendy and uniquely designed brush sets, such as Unicorn Makeup Brushes or a Black Mermaid Makeup Brush Set and useful tools like a Makeup Brush Drying Rack. So you might want to check those out too.

I hope you liked this review and the pictures!

Have a nice day,

IMG_8762- wmIMG_8584- wm

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