PLATINUM GREY Coloured Contact Lenses from Linsenfinder REVIEW

Hello friends,

last week I received two pairs of coloured contact lenses from the company Linsenfinder for free to review. Today I want to start with the first pair, the Platinum Grey Lenzotica Lenses. They retail for 24,95€ on their website. The Lenzotica series is brand new and made especially for people with dark eyes. Although my eyes aren’t dark at all, I still wanted to try them out. I am very happy and thankful that I got the opportunity to do so and write a review for you guys!

About Linsenfinder

The company is based in Hamburg, Germany. If you happen to live in Germany, the shipping for your lenses will always be free, no matter how many pairs you order. Usually the lenses arrived one or two days after placing my order, which is great! If you need lenses for a convention or a photo shoot as soon as possible, they are definitely reliable and fast.
So far I have had only good experiences with the company and their website. The customer service is nice, polite and quick with helpful answers.
You can purchase their lenses from their website, but they can also be found on On their instagram and Facebook they often hold giveaways and also share pictures from people wearing their lenses.


So here’s what you get:


When you order a pair of lenses from Linsenfinder you will not only get the lenses but also some contact lense solution (10ml) and a lens case. The lenses come in a small, flat plastic container with an aluminium cover. It is easy to pull the aluminium cover open and take the lenses out. Before buying from Linsenfinder I had mixed experiences with those small glass bottles with aluminium caps. I think Linsenfinder uses the better packaging for their lenses. It is quick and easy.


These particular lenses are really light and the pattern is very opaque and simple. When the lenses are in the white container you can hardly see them. I also had trouble finding them IN my eyes, when I put them in, because they blend in so well with the white of your eye and my eye colour.


This is what the website says about the lenses:

Stärke / Power Range 0.00 bis -5.00
Durchmesser / Diameter: 15.00mm
Mittlerer Durchmesser / Center thickness: 0.07mm (±0.02mm)
Krümmungsradius / Base Curve: 8.80°
Wassergehalt / Water content: 45%
Tragedauer / Wearing time: 3 Monate / Months


What the lenses look like on my eyes:


LEFT SIDE: NO LENS                                          RIGHT SIDE: PLATINUM GREY LENS


                                  C O N C L U S I O N

Colour/Pattern: 5/5
The Platinum Grey lenses blend in perfectly with my eye colour and have a very natural effect. You can barely see any pattern on my iris. It is very hard to tell whether I am wearing coloured contact lenses or not! The dark rim around my iris gets cancelled out by the opaque pattern. This makes them appear smaller and lighter. In pictures you really see the difference. In reality I think the difference is not that big or noticable.

Comfort: 4/5
I can seldom wear lenses longer than two or three hours because my eyes are very sensitive. So I can’t say too much about the comfort of the lenses when it comes to a longer wear time. However, I think the Platinum Grey lenses were more comfortable than a lot of other lenses that I have tried so far.


The Platinum Grey lenses from Linsenfinder made a very good overall impression on me. I already recommended these lenses to my friends with dark eyes, who were searching for a lens like this!

I hope this review was helpful for you! Have a nice day,


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