ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadows (MILE HIGH, TASSEL, GLITTERATI)


Hello friends,

another post about Super Shock Eyeshadows from ColourPop! I’m so in love with the ones that I already got that I bought a bunch of new shades again. *sigh* This time I tried out a ‘Value Set‘ called Mile High containing six eyeshadows but you basically pay only for five of them.  Since I got my set on sale (last call) I only paid 20$ which means I got two eyeshadows for free. You should get your hands on it as soon as possible, I’m pretty sure it will be sold out in a bit! But of course you can buy the shades individually.  Tassel and Glitterati, the two other Super Shock Eyeshadows that I got, were not on sale, so I paid 5$ for each shade. In total I paid 30$ for 8 eyeshadows, which is not bad for 8 Super Shocks. By the way: This will be a picture heavy post again!

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                         P A C K A G I N G


All Super Shock Eyeshadows that I ordered individually came in small thin cardboard boxes. The actual eyeshadows come in white plastic containers with a screw-cap.

The Mile High set comes in a cardboard box that can be opened easily and closes securely with a magnet. Since this is my first set from ColourPop I was pleasantly surprised by the nice quality of this box. It does not smell like glue or plastic like eyeshadows and palettes that I bought from other companies that came with a cardboard packaging. Furthermore I was surprised that the box is heavier than expected. The eyeshadows are stuck in the dark cardboard that you can see on the last picture for the Packaging category. It was really hard to take them out of there, but that also means that they can not fall out easily during the transport.
The overall design of the box is pretty and practical. I like the gold details a lot and I will put my favorite eyeshadows in there. Plus the cardboard box looks really good on my vanity.
Good job, ColourPop!



                       S W A T C H E S


What ColourPop says about the shades:

Truth: Satin neutral light beige
Nillionaire: Metallic bronze with pink and gold glitter
So Quiche: Soft metallic olive with violet and gold sparkles
LA LA: Metallic soft copper
Cricket: Icy purple with multi-dimensional glitter
Mittens: Matte plummy brown
Glitterati: Join the glitterati in this silver with gold Ultra-Glitter
Tassel: Bright true white with silver glitter, use this shade to highlight anything, we mean anything with this Ultra Glitter



My opinion on each shade:


Truth is the perfect colour to blend other eyeshadows flawlessly with. It also works perfectly as transition colour in the crease. An orange beige, a little darker than my skin colour, perfect match with all the other brown colours from the Mile High Set. A very underrated colour in my opinion. Everyone needs a shade like this in their collection.


On the website it says that this colour comes with pink and gold glitter. I don’t see any pink in the swatches or on my eye lid whatsoever but it is still a very pretty golden shade. It’s very glittery and I think this eyeshadow will look good on anyone!

S O   Q U I C H E

A unique gray-ish olive eye shadow with glitter. The website says the glitter is purple and gold, but I can only see pink and gold glitter in my swatches of So Quiche. In my opinion a cool toned eyeshadow like this is not that easy to find and the two toned glitter makes it something special. I find that blending ruins the effect so I think you should always use your fingertips to apply this shade especially. Out of all the eyeshadows that I bought this time I find So Quiche looks best together with Glitterati.

L A   L A

Lala is an orange copper shade with a metallic finish. This is a very complimenting eyeshadow if you have blue eyes, but it will look good on everyone. I used it together with Game Face from ColourPop for the crease and the eyeshadows looked beautiful together. You can probably not go wrong La La.


A very deep purple with silver and gold glitter. This shade is darker than I expected it to be especially after applying​ it to the eyelid. If you put So Quiche on your entire lid and use Cricket for the crease it will result in a super quick and easy eye makeup look.


Mittens is the only matte shade from the Mile High set. It is a red brown and I think it compliments green eyes a lot. It looks more red than plummy to me. I think that the texture of the matte Super Shock Eyeshadows is nice compared to other matte eye shadows that I have tried so far. This is my least favorite eye shadow out of the set because it is not very unique in my opinion.



Glitterati is a little darker than Tassel.  It can be used as a topper for any other eyeshadow to create a beautiful halo eye makeup look. The base of this eyeshadow is silver which I first realized when I applied it to my eye lid. The slightly light yellow and golden shimmer from this silver eyeshadow look stunning.At the moment I use Glitterati a lot and I think I would repurchase it.



Tassel is a beautiful snowy white with a lot of glitter. It works amazing as highlight for the inner corner of the eye. As they say on the website you can also use it to highlight anything else and I already used it to highlight my brow and cheek bone and upper lip. I am very glad that I did not only buy Tassel but also Glitterti because they do not look that different on the website but in reality they definitely do. Tassel will probably look stunning on anyone and I can highly recommend this shade.


                 C O N C L U S I O N


In my opinion the value sets that ColourPop offers are definitely worth it. The Mile High set comes with six shades that can be easily mixed and matched. They all look pretty together and especially Truth is a gem. It works beautifully as a blending shade, not only with the colours from this set, but every other eyeshadow that I own. I think that the Mile High set is very versatile since you can easily create an everyday look but also spice it up for a night out with the darkest shade Mittens.

After purchasing a lot of Super Shock Eyeshadows from ColourPop I now can say without a doubt that the pictures on their website don’t necessarily match the eyeshadow that you will receive. Also I think it would be very nice if they would show more swatches. Nonetheless I do not regret a single purchase from ColourPop and like to play around with my Super Shocks on a daily basis for my makeup looks. I also incorporated a few shades in my avantgardistic makeup looks for instagram (@melodyflausch) already.

So far no Super Shock Eyeshadow of mine got cracked or broke when I dropped it due to the almost wet formular. The texture of these eyeshadows is amazing and the reason why I keep purchasing more. You hit the plate quite fast though and I think I will use up my beloved shade Prickly Pear very soon. My oldest Super Shocks dried out pretty fast although I never left them open and made sure to close them securely every time after using them. I think they get a little dry after half a year. Using a wet brush can help in this case.


I hope you like these picture heavy posts! Taking high quality pictures for my blog is definitely something I am passionate about. It is a lot of fun, especially when the products are pretty or come in cute boxes like the Mile High set.

Do you own any Super Shock Eyeshadows? If so, which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below!

Have a nice day,


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