Makeuprevolution Highlighter Palette “Highlight”// SWATCHES + FIRST IMPRESSION

Hello friends,
today I want to show you some pictures and swatches from the Makeuprevolution Highlighter Palette “Highlight”. It retails for 9,99€ at my local drugstore. The “Highlight” palette contains three unique highlighter shades, ranging from a pretty lavender to a duochromatic peach shade and a yellow gold.
There is also another Highlighter Palette called “Radiance” which I have not tried yet. The swatches were promissing though!

For all my German readers: The drugstore chain Rossmann just recently incorporated the brand Makeuprevolution into their assortment! If you live in the south you could try ordering from their website.


                       P A C K A G I N G


As usual the packaging is very pretty for this Makeuprevolution palette. I always love their eye catching packaging and also the piano laquer hard plastic cover for the actual palette looks very elegant and pretty. You can already see finger prints on the plastic surface though, but I do not mind.
The hard plastic protects its content well and usually I don’t even have to worry about dropping a palette. It happened to me before and the shades always stayed in place. I also like the fact that all their palettes come with a big mirror of great quality.


                    S W A T C H E S


          F I R S T I M P R E S S I O N



The first shade from this palette is a very unique cool toned light yellow. It was the shade that made me buy the palette in the first place, because I haven’t seen a highlighter like this before in a drugstore. It might be a dupe for a high end brand highlighter and if that is the case please let me know in the comment section below!

The second shade is a gorgeous duochromatic rose gold. From certain angles it looks slightly peach coloured and then again it is more pink and purple if you move it around. It is my favorite everyday highlighter at the moment. I think it is the most versatile shade of the palette.

The third shade is a beautiful lavender which reminded me a lot of the highlighter in the Sugar and Spice Ultra Blush Palette from Makeuprevolution. This colour doesn’t look very flattering on my skin tone but I think it might look amazing on someone with a deeper complexion.
I also think that this highlighter works great for avantgardistic makeup looks and it definitely can be used to spice up your every day makeup!

All shades have the same powdery consistency. I personally prefer powder highlighter, so I am quite happy with this product. The powder for these highlighters feels very soft and almost creamy in texture.

IMG_5165---My conclusion? All in all I am very happy with my purchase and I use this highlighter palette on a daily basis. I would recommend this palette to everyone who wants to try something different. It is not only cheap but also of great quality!

What is your favorite highlighter of all time? Do you have a holy grail?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day,



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  1. Brooke Nicole Clarke says:

    Definitely going to get my hands on this! x

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