Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows / SWATCHES / CLOSE-UPS / REVIEW

Hello friends,
today I want to share my new Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows with you! I already fell in love with the unique texture of these eyeshadows when I got my first three Super Shocks a while back. You can read what I wrote about Paradox, Animal and Dare here.


D I S C L A I M E R: This will be a very picture heavy post!
First I will show you swatches of all shades and after that I got a lot of close-ups shots taken in daylight and with indoor lighting for you!


The shades that I got are:

– Moonwalk
– Telepathy
– Prickly Pear
– Elixir
– So Quiche
– Game Face
– Static
– Drift
– Babykins
– Erotic
– Central Perk

                       S W A T C H E S



                  C L O S E – U P S

The first picture of every eyeshadow was taken in daylight and the second picture is taken in bright warm indoor lighting. I tried to describe the shades with my own words without looking the descriptions up from the official website. Also the second picture which is taken indoors shows how the shadows look like when you swatched them.

                  M O O N W A L K


Moonwalk is a very unique eyeshadow. The colour is changing from a green to a reddish brown depending on lighting! To be honest I wish the colour would pop a little more (no pun intended) when applied, because it is not very bright and kind of sheer especially when blended.

                  T E L E P A T H Y


Telepathy is a very bright and stunning yellowish golden shade. This eyecatching eyeshadow will look good on everyone in my opinion! I use it a lot at the moment.

             P R I C K L Y   P E A R


A light brown with strong golden glitter. It is very shiny and pretty when it gets hit by light.

                            E L I X I R


A matte brown shade that works beautifully as transition colour for blending and it is very pretty just on its own.

                   S O   Q U I C H E


This shade has pink and golden glitter. The pink glitter makes the cool towned greyish brown look very interesting.

                 G A M E   F A C E


Game Face looks like dissolved copper when swatched. It’s a beautiful shade that will suit every eye colour. Everyone should probably have an eyeshadow like this.

                          D R I F T


This shade is a dark red with glitter particles and it is also sheerer than Babykins, Static and Central Perk.

                           S T A T I C


Static and Drift look pretty much the same from the outside. But the swatches show, that Static is a dark rusty brown with a metallic finish whereas Drift is lighter and dark red with glitter particles.

                      B A B Y K I N S


Babykins is very similar to Drift and Static but has a cooler undertone and pink and silver sparkling glitter.

                        E R O T I C


A bright flamingo pink, a mix between red, pink and orange with pretty golden glitter particles.

              C E N T R A L   P E R K


A rich dark red-ish brown with a soft matte finish. The texture feels amazing and the shade blends well and is highly pigmented for a matte eyeshadow.


                        R E V I E W

As I said in my previews post about Super Shock Eyeshadows: these have an incredibly smooth texture which I absolutely love! They are very different from any powdery eyeshadow and every other eyeshadow in general that I own, except for some of the Sleek i-Divine eyeshadows that I own. But the eyeshadows from colourpop are still creamier. In my post about Dare, Animal and Paradox I assumed that the eyeshadows will dry out after a while, because it says that you have to keep the lid closed tightly to prevent them from losing their texture. Well, now that it has been a little bit over five months I have noticed a big difference in texture, especially when I compare the old to the new eyeshadows. They definitely dry out after a while, even when you don’t use them a lot!

My advice for working with the Super Shock eyeshadows is to use your fingertips instead of makeup brushes for application on your eyelid. For blending you can definitely use a brush but the application does not go too well for me if I only use a brush. I think that is because of the buttery consistency and texture difference since most brushes are made for the more powdery kind eyeshadow in the first place.


Please let me know if these extremely picture heavy posts are interesting for you or if you would prefer smaller pictures and less pictures in general of the products that I show you!

Have a nice day!


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3 Responses to Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows / SWATCHES / CLOSE-UPS / REVIEW

  1. fangirlfashionista says:

    I like picture heavy posts 🙂 You’re from Germany, right? I was wondering how much you paid for shipping. Did you have to pay any customs duties?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it ❤ Yes, I live in Germany and I had to pay about 11€ for customs duties, although one of the eyeshadows was free and I should have only paid about 8-9€. Usually I spend about 50€ on the colourpop website to get the free shipping (shipping would cost as much as just spending enough money to reach 50€…) Next time I will talk about how I got my products and how much I spent on them, I think I totally missed out on that for this post!!
      Have a nice day ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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