Hey friends,
today I am sharing my super quick and easy fake freckles tutorial with you! I tried to figure out a way how everyone can do this without purchasing water based face paint. So if you don’t have brown face paint or stuff to mix a nice brown colour, you can just go ahead and buy instant coffee or use the one that you already have at home. I tried this out just for you and I really liked the outcome!

What you will need:

  • 2 bowls
  • hot water
  • a small brush
  • a sponge with big pores
  • either water activated face paint in brown (or colours to mix brown)
  • or instant coffee + a spoon

I used a basic cleaning sponge and it is very important that it has the same kind of structure like mine. You should be able to find the perfect sponge in the cleaning section at your local drugstore/supermarket.

Also: Have a look at pictures of people with freckles first. Check out the instagram account from Mr. Elbank for example. He takes great photographs of people with freckles and it can definitely help you a lot to have a look at real freckles before you try to fake them.

Note that I find it easiest to apply your regular makeup before doing the fake freckles, because afterwards you can not apply any foundation or concealer without ruining what you just created.


STEP 1: mix instant coffee with hot water

So if you are using the instant coffee you have to make sure you use just a liiiittle amount of hot water to dilute the coffee. You should be able to mix it but it should be still kind of thick. As you can see in my picture there was a little bit of instant coffee left on the spoon because it was hard to dilute it with such little water, but that is totally fine. Most important is that you get a dark brown to use for your freckles.


STEP 2: application / test on the back of your hand

Now this looks pretty dark and that’s where your second bowl comes in handy. You can put a little bit of water into the second bowl and dip in the sponge to make the brown freckles lighter. I recommend applying a thin layer of brown texture first and then going in with the darker brown.


You should try out the pattern of the sponge and the colour of your mixture on your hand first. I was happy with the results and started applying the ‘coffee paint’ on my face.


I already knew that I wanted to do dramatic freckles so I did not start very subtle and used the ‘coffee paint’ all over my face.


As you can see in this picture, my skin tone is rather pink so the coffee colour was not perfect for me. That is the reason why I usually mix my own colour with water activated face paint. But you should definitely try out coffee first before buying expensive makeup if you just want to create fake freckles for one makeup look only.



STEP 3: paint little dots on your nose bridge and cheeks

Now use your small brush to put little dots on your face. Usually the freckles are centered around the nose and under-eye area. Keep in mind that these sun spots show where the sun hits the skin a lot and if you ever had a sun burn on your face you probably know where to put the dots!



STEP 4: use powder to match the freckles to your skin tone and mattify

That’s it!
Inspired by the pictures of Mr. Elbank I exagerated the freckles to the max this time. I totally dig the outcome but it is up to you if you end up with a lot of freckles like me or just use this method to create a soft sun-kissed summer freckles look.

The only downside to the instant coffee method is the smell and maybe the colour, depending on your skin tone. If you do not like coffee smell you should consider buying brown face paint or try using cocoa powder mixed with hot water. I think these realistic fake freckles took me about 5-10 minutes in total. If you try this method please show me your results and tag me in your pictures on instagram (@melodyflausch). It was a lot of fun to use the instant coffee instead of my face paint, you should definitely give it a try!


I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Have a nice day! ❤


P.S.: Follow me on instagram @melodyflausch and check out my other fake freckles looks! I also created galaxy freckles that you should check out! ^-^







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