MAKEUPREVOLUTION – Eyes Like Angels, Flawless and Beyond Flawless Eyeshadow Palettes REVIEW

Hello friends,
today I want to share my first impressions on the Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes “Eyes Like Angels”, “Flawless” and “Beyond Flawless”. This post will be very picture heavy because often the pictures can speak for themselves! But I also included some of my thoughts in the end.

For my German readers: You can get your hands on these palettes at Rossmann now!! I am super excited to share the news with you, although I am probably kind of late. Actually I did not know Rossmann is selling Makeup Revolution’s products now until I stumbled accross the stand-up display myself last week!

                    P A C K A G I N Gimg_0980img_0971img_0980img_0985

All three palettes have a pretty metallic cardboard packaging that has a display of all the colours that the palette contains on the back of it. Each palette comes with a black hard plastic packaging like all other Makeup Revolution palettes that I own and they have a huge mirror of great quality. I like that they keep the design simple and classy. The black plastic is of good quality. I have droped my other palettes more than two times already and the plastic never broke or got damaged. Only one shadow broke but compared to other palettes that I own Makeup Revolution’s palettes take falling down quite good. A downside to the shiny black packaging is that you can easily see fingerprints on it and it is hard to keep it clean!



          E Y E S   L I K E   A N G E L S

with flash:img_1002without flash:img_1010without flash:IMG_1012.jpgwith flash:img_1004without flash:img_1024



                     F L A W L E S S

with flash:img_0987without flash:img_0986with flash:img_0994with flash:img_0987without flash:img_1038k

As you can see the swatches of some of the eyeshadows look almost identical. I was quite surprised that they do not vary that much. The palette would be alright with probably only half of the shades that are in it.





        B E Y O N D   F L A W L E S S

img_0996with flash:img_0998with flash:img_0996img_1029k

As you can see the matte shades swatch pretty uneven and there is a lot of fallout and crumbling going on. The shimmery eyeshadows are nice and soft and I like their buttery texture.


                       T E X T U R E

I am kind of sad about the fact that the matte shades in all three palettes are very powdery and the colour pay-off is not good either. Some of them crumble too much and there is a lot of fallout if you try to get a lot of colour on your lid. You should definitely use a good primer to make these work well. I came to the conclusion that the lighter the matte shade the harder it is to work with and the darker the colour the worse the fallout.

The shimmery and metallic eyeshadows are very creamy and rich in pigmentation. I totally love all of the shades that contain shimmer from all three palettes. They are easy to work with and blend very nicely.


A P P L I C A T I O N  &  D U R A B I L I T Y

I used all three palettes for my makeup already and so far I am happy with the durability of these shadows. They last 8 hours even without primer. Usually I only apply them with my fingertip on my eyelid that was primed with a little bit of bb cream. Then I used a fluffy blending brush to smooth out the edges. This method worked pretty well. I also used brushes to apply the shadows but I feel like the metallic eyeshadows go on best when you use your fingers for application.


               C O N C L U S I O N

The Eyes Like Angels palette is my favorite out of the three. The main reason is that the colours vary a lot. It contains as many subtles as brights so it is very versatile. The texture of the shades in this palette is also the best because it has only a few matte shades.
My least favorite is the Flawless palette. I was sure would love it because I am a huge fan of rose gold shades. Sadly this palette contains most of the matte eyeshadows and therefore has the worst quality in my opinion. Also I feel like the eyeshadows do not differ that much compared to the Beyond Flawless palette which is my second favorite.

I would not purchase the Flawless palette again but I would definitely buy the Beyond Flawless and the Eyes Like Angels palette again! Keep in mind that this is my personal preference and you should definitely swatch all of the colours for yourself if you have the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately I did not have the chance to swatch any of these palettes beforehand. Maybe you will like the Flawless palette better than the others and it will be your new holy grail. So far I have been very happy with all my Makeup Revolution products and I will definitely check out their other stuff!

There will be some makeup looks coming in the future where I use these palettes so stay tuned and follow me on instagram @melodyflausch!

Hopefully this review was helpful for you! ❤
Have a nice day,


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