COLOURPOP eye shadow review & swatches

Hello friends,
today I want to share some swatches and a little review of the ColourPop Super Shock eye shadows Dare, Paradox and Animal. I got them during the free international shipping last month for 5$ each from ColourPop’s website. Shipping my order to Germany took about two weeks customs clearance included. I think you will always have to pay taxes on top because ColourPop does not ship their stuff as presents like other companies and therefore you will have to pay for the entry of goods. By the way you can look forward to the next blog post about three different kinds of ColourPop’s Liquid Lipsticks!

                      P A C K A G I N G


The Super Shock eye shadows first come in a pretty cardboard packaging. The colours are securely packed inside of a white plastic container with a twist-off cap. For me the twist-off cap works ok. From time to time I struggle a little bit with closing it though. Keep in mind that you really do need the cap because the eye shadows will maybe dry out a bit if you forget to put it on.


I think the white containers could become dirty over time and I guess they will get stained from the shadows but I do not mind. To be honest I am not a big fan of white plastic and white packaging -to me it always looks inexpensive in a bad way. The plastic feels and looks cheap in my opinion and there is a little production error on the surface of all of the containers. Nonetheless I think it is not bad at all considering its price!


                              CLOSE UPS

D A R E – a lovely purple colour with pretty blueish glitter.img_0083P A R A D O X – a deep burgundy colour with a satin finish.img_0084A N I M A L – a salmon-pink colour with silver glitter.img_0085IMG_0074--.jpg

              S C E N T & T E X T U R E


Every eye shadow has its own artifical smell to it and I tried to find good examples for you to get an idea of what the scent is like. All in all they smell like acrylics and crayons. One even reminded me of the chemical smell of most liquid lipsticks. I think that the explanation for the unique smell of each shade is the different pigments that have been used to create the colours.
Thankfully the scent is not noticable during the application or while you wear the eye shadows on your eye lids. (ノ゚▽゚)ノ You really have to come close to them with your nose.

All eye shadows have a smooth texture that is easy to apply on the lids with your finger tips. It is totally different from regular powdery eye shadows. I would say that these are my new favorites just because of their almost cream like consistency and easy application. They are buttery soft, which I absolutely love.

Some of the Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palettes have high shimmer eye shadows, that have a higher softness to them than regular eye shadows. In comparison to these Sleek eye shadows the Super Shocks from ColourPop ones are a little creamier. I guess the ColourPop Super Shocks lose their softness when they dry out after using them a lot which does not happen to the ones from Sleek that I always leave open on my commode. On the ColourPop website they offer tips for application and also offer an advice: “When finished, close that sucker up tight! Don’t leave the jar opened for long periods of time, you may lose some of the magic that makes the Super Shock Shadow so amazing.”

When you dip your brush or finger tip into the eye shadow it will sink into it and leave a little ‘pit’. I took pictures of every eyeshadow after using it once for my eye and swatching it once on my arm. The dark red eyeshadow, Paradox, shows how my finger took away a little bit of the pattern first for the swatch. Then I dipped in a brush and it left the eyeshadow with a hole. For me the pictures speak for themselve in terms of the texture.


            S W A T C H E S



Dare applied on the whole eyelid without any primer.


For the two bottom pictures I used Animal on the movable eye lid and Paradox in the inner corner and for the crease area. Again the eye shadows were applied without primer on clean eye lids with my finger tips.

Until now I do not have anything to complain about these eye shadows and I am impressed with the texture. I would definitely buy them again. Hopefully you find this review helpfull!
Have a nice day,

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