Makeuprevolution Ultra Blush Palette Hot Spice & Sugar and Spice // Swatches & First Impressions

Hello friends,
today I want to share my first impressions and swatches of the Makeuprevolution Ultra Blush Palettes Hot Spice and Sugar and Spice with you. I already posted my impression of the Ultra Blush Golden Sugar Palette from Makeuprevolution a while ago and this palette is the reason why I purchased these two palettes too! This time I also got swatches of all three palettes for you. By the way I got my palettes here for 7,99€ each (except for the Golden Sugar which was 9,99€ at the time) but you can also just go to their website and buy them there!


                        P A C K A G I N G



For a palette this affordable I think the packaging is of a very high quality. The palette comes with a nice mirror that I used a lot when I was on vacation.
There is just one thing that some people might dislike about the black high shine plastic of this palette because it gets dirty all the time, it is full of finger prints and it will not be easy to be kept clean and shiny. I do not mind at all though because the plastic is strong and of a good quality that keeps my blushes safe.(●⌒∇⌒●)


                  S C E N T & T E X T U R E

All three palettes that I own do not have any unpleasant smell whatsoever. I would say they do not smell like anything which is a huge plus for me and probably for many other people too who dislike strong scented blushes/makeup. I have come across a lot of affordable makeup palettes now and the smell was often a problem that came with them so I am super happy that Makeuprevolution seems to care about this issue and probably uses better quality ingredients.


I wanted to show you this picture because I think that it’s important to point out that each shade of the palettes has their own texture. The blushes with glitter particles or high shimmer are my favorite because the matter ones tend to crumble a little. I like to use some of these colours for my eye makeup also so this kind of texture leads to fallout and a little mess in the palette itself. If you use these shades as blush only the texture differences will not be a problem at all. In this picture you can see how the shades looked after I used a finger for a swatch. As you can see there is a big difference in all pans and the more brownish colour did not take the swatch as well as the pink shade right next to it.


This is how my Golden Sugar Palette looks like after using it for a little longer than three months. I use it almost every day and I still have not hit a pan. The high shimmer on most of the shades of the Golden Sugar Palette resembles all of the highlighter and shimmery shades of the Hot Spice and Sugar and Spice palettes. They have a lot of fallout and make a mess inside the palette. I purposely did not clean up the mess to show you how your palettes will probably look after a while of using them.


                           S W A T C H E S

Sugar and Spicesugar-und-spice

Hot Spicehot-spice-palette

Golden Sugar

Highlighter Colours in comparison (orange tones Hot Spice, pink tones Sugar and Spice)highlighter-compared

I did not swatch the highlighter colours from the Golden Sugar Palette next to the highlighters from the other two palettes because in my opinion almost all shades from the Golden Sugar palette can work as highlighter or bronzer because of their high shimmer.



So far I am in love with all three palettes but my absolute favorite is the Golden Sugar Palette. The white highlighter goes well with every skin colour and it also has the perfect pink blush shades for my own skin tone. But I am a huge fan of the orange colour of the Hot Spice Palette and I have already used it as eye shadow and blush for a makeup look. You can see it on my instagram @melodyflausch. The extremely pigmented purple highlighter shade from the Sugar and Spice Palette is very unique too! I do not regret buying the other two palettes at all since they have such a great quality for a budget and I cannot wait to do more makeup looks with these!! All in all I would purchase all three palettes again.

Have a nice day! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


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