PLATINUM GREY Coloured Contact Lenses from Linsenfinder REVIEW

Hello friends,

last week I received two pairs of coloured contact lenses from the company Linsenfinder for free to review. Today I want to start with the first pair, the Platinum Grey Lenzotica Lenses. They retail for 24,95€ on their website. The Lenzotica series is brand new and made especially for people with dark eyes. Although my eyes aren’t dark at all, I still wanted to try them out. I am very happy and thankful that I got the opportunity to do so and write a review for you guys!

About Linsenfinder

The company is based in Hamburg, Germany. If you happen to live in Germany, the shipping for your lenses will always be free, no matter how many pairs you order. Usually the lenses arrived one or two days after placing my order, which is great! If you need lenses for a convention or a photo shoot as soon as possible, they are definitely reliable and fast.
So far I have had only good experiences with the company and their website. The customer service is nice, polite and quick with helpful answers.
You can purchase their lenses from their website, but they can also be found on On their instagram and Facebook they often hold giveaways and also share pictures from people wearing their lenses.


So here’s what you get:


When you order a pair of lenses from Linsenfinder you will not only get the lenses but also some contact lense solution (10ml) and a lens case. The lenses come in a small, flat plastic container with an aluminium cover. It is easy to pull the aluminium cover open and take the lenses out. Before buying from Linsenfinder I had mixed experiences with those small glass bottles with aluminium caps. I think Linsenfinder uses the better packaging for their lenses. It is quick and easy.


These particular lenses are really light and the pattern is very opaque and simple. When the lenses are in the white container you can hardly see them. I also had trouble finding them IN my eyes, when I put them in, because they blend in so well with the white of your eye and my eye colour.


This is what the website says about the lenses:

Stärke / Power Range 0.00 bis -5.00
Durchmesser / Diameter: 15.00mm
Mittlerer Durchmesser / Center thickness: 0.07mm (±0.02mm)
Krümmungsradius / Base Curve: 8.80°
Wassergehalt / Water content: 45%
Tragedauer / Wearing time: 3 Monate / Months


What the lenses look like on my eyes:


LEFT SIDE: NO LENS                                          RIGHT SIDE: PLATINUM GREY LENS


                                  C O N C L U S I O N

Colour/Pattern: 5/5
The Platinum Grey lenses blend in perfectly with my eye colour and have a very natural effect. You can barely see any pattern on my iris. It is very hard to tell whether I am wearing coloured contact lenses or not! The dark rim around my iris gets cancelled out by the opaque pattern. This makes them appear smaller and lighter. In pictures you really see the difference. In reality I think the difference is not that big or noticable.

Comfort: 4/5
I can seldom wear lenses longer than two or three hours because my eyes are very sensitive. So I can’t say too much about the comfort of the lenses when it comes to a longer wear time. However, I think the Platinum Grey lenses were more comfortable than a lot of other lenses that I have tried so far.


The Platinum Grey lenses from Linsenfinder made a very good overall impression on me. I already recommended these lenses to my friends with dark eyes, who were searching for a lens like this!

I hope this review was helpful for you! Have a nice day,


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ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadows (MILE HIGH, TASSEL, GLITTERATI)


Hello friends,

another post about Super Shock Eyeshadows from ColourPop! I’m so in love with the ones that I already got that I bought a bunch of new shades again. *sigh* This time I tried out a ‘Value Set‘ called Mile High containing six eyeshadows but you basically pay only for five of them.  Since I got my set on sale (last call) I only paid 20$ which means I got two eyeshadows for free. You should get your hands on it as soon as possible, I’m pretty sure it will be sold out in a bit! But of course you can buy the shades individually.  Tassel and Glitterati, the two other Super Shock Eyeshadows that I got, were not on sale, so I paid 5$ for each shade. In total I paid 30$ for 8 eyeshadows, which is not bad for 8 Super Shocks. By the way: This will be a picture heavy post again!

Check out my previous reviews of ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadows : here and here


                         P A C K A G I N G


All Super Shock Eyeshadows that I ordered individually came in small thin cardboard boxes. The actual eyeshadows come in white plastic containers with a screw-cap.

The Mile High set comes in a cardboard box that can be opened easily and closes securely with a magnet. Since this is my first set from ColourPop I was pleasantly surprised by the nice quality of this box. It does not smell like glue or plastic like eyeshadows and palettes that I bought from other companies that came with a cardboard packaging. Furthermore I was surprised that the box is heavier than expected. The eyeshadows are stuck in the dark cardboard that you can see on the last picture for the Packaging category. It was really hard to take them out of there, but that also means that they can not fall out easily during the transport.
The overall design of the box is pretty and practical. I like the gold details a lot and I will put my favorite eyeshadows in there. Plus the cardboard box looks really good on my vanity.
Good job, ColourPop!



                       S W A T C H E S


What ColourPop says about the shades:

Truth: Satin neutral light beige
Nillionaire: Metallic bronze with pink and gold glitter
So Quiche: Soft metallic olive with violet and gold sparkles
LA LA: Metallic soft copper
Cricket: Icy purple with multi-dimensional glitter
Mittens: Matte plummy brown
Glitterati: Join the glitterati in this silver with gold Ultra-Glitter
Tassel: Bright true white with silver glitter, use this shade to highlight anything, we mean anything with this Ultra Glitter



My opinion on each shade:


Truth is the perfect colour to blend other eyeshadows flawlessly with. It also works perfectly as transition colour in the crease. An orange beige, a little darker than my skin colour, perfect match with all the other brown colours from the Mile High Set. A very underrated colour in my opinion. Everyone needs a shade like this in their collection.


On the website it says that this colour comes with pink and gold glitter. I don’t see any pink in the swatches or on my eye lid whatsoever but it is still a very pretty golden shade. It’s very glittery and I think this eyeshadow will look good on anyone!

S O   Q U I C H E

A unique gray-ish olive eye shadow with glitter. The website says the glitter is purple and gold, but I can only see pink and gold glitter in my swatches of So Quiche. In my opinion a cool toned eyeshadow like this is not that easy to find and the two toned glitter makes it something special. I find that blending ruins the effect so I think you should always use your fingertips to apply this shade especially. Out of all the eyeshadows that I bought this time I find So Quiche looks best together with Glitterati.

L A   L A

Lala is an orange copper shade with a metallic finish. This is a very complimenting eyeshadow if you have blue eyes, but it will look good on everyone. I used it together with Game Face from ColourPop for the crease and the eyeshadows looked beautiful together. You can probably not go wrong La La.


A very deep purple with silver and gold glitter. This shade is darker than I expected it to be especially after applying​ it to the eyelid. If you put So Quiche on your entire lid and use Cricket for the crease it will result in a super quick and easy eye makeup look.


Mittens is the only matte shade from the Mile High set. It is a red brown and I think it compliments green eyes a lot. It looks more red than plummy to me. I think that the texture of the matte Super Shock Eyeshadows is nice compared to other matte eye shadows that I have tried so far. This is my least favorite eye shadow out of the set because it is not very unique in my opinion.



Glitterati is a little darker than Tassel.  It can be used as a topper for any other eyeshadow to create a beautiful halo eye makeup look. The base of this eyeshadow is silver which I first realized when I applied it to my eye lid. The slightly light yellow and golden shimmer from this silver eyeshadow look stunning.At the moment I use Glitterati a lot and I think I would repurchase it.



Tassel is a beautiful snowy white with a lot of glitter. It works amazing as highlight for the inner corner of the eye. As they say on the website you can also use it to highlight anything else and I already used it to highlight my brow and cheek bone and upper lip. I am very glad that I did not only buy Tassel but also Glitterti because they do not look that different on the website but in reality they definitely do. Tassel will probably look stunning on anyone and I can highly recommend this shade.


                 C O N C L U S I O N


In my opinion the value sets that ColourPop offers are definitely worth it. The Mile High set comes with six shades that can be easily mixed and matched. They all look pretty together and especially Truth is a gem. It works beautifully as a blending shade, not only with the colours from this set, but every other eyeshadow that I own. I think that the Mile High set is very versatile since you can easily create an everyday look but also spice it up for a night out with the darkest shade Mittens.

After purchasing a lot of Super Shock Eyeshadows from ColourPop I now can say without a doubt that the pictures on their website don’t necessarily match the eyeshadow that you will receive. Also I think it would be very nice if they would show more swatches. Nonetheless I do not regret a single purchase from ColourPop and like to play around with my Super Shocks on a daily basis for my makeup looks. I also incorporated a few shades in my avantgardistic makeup looks for instagram (@melodyflausch) already.

So far no Super Shock Eyeshadow of mine got cracked or broke when I dropped it due to the almost wet formular. The texture of these eyeshadows is amazing and the reason why I keep purchasing more. You hit the plate quite fast though and I think I will use up my beloved shade Prickly Pear very soon. My oldest Super Shocks dried out pretty fast although I never left them open and made sure to close them securely every time after using them. I think they get a little dry after half a year. Using a wet brush can help in this case.


I hope you like these picture heavy posts! Taking high quality pictures for my blog is definitely something I am passionate about. It is a lot of fun, especially when the products are pretty or come in cute boxes like the Mile High set.

Do you own any Super Shock Eyeshadows? If so, which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below!

Have a nice day,


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Makeuprevolution Highlighter Palette “Highlight”// SWATCHES + FIRST IMPRESSION

Hello friends,
today I want to show you some pictures and swatches from the Makeuprevolution Highlighter Palette “Highlight”. It retails for 9,99€ at my local drugstore. The “Highlight” palette contains three unique highlighter shades, ranging from a pretty lavender to a duochromatic peach shade and a yellow gold.
There is also another Highlighter Palette called “Radiance” which I have not tried yet. The swatches were promissing though!

For all my German readers: The drugstore chain Rossmann just recently incorporated the brand Makeuprevolution into their assortment! If you live in the south you could try ordering from their website.


                       P A C K A G I N G


As usual the packaging is very pretty for this Makeuprevolution palette. I always love their eye catching packaging and also the piano laquer hard plastic cover for the actual palette looks very elegant and pretty. You can already see finger prints on the plastic surface though, but I do not mind.
The hard plastic protects its content well and usually I don’t even have to worry about dropping a palette. It happened to me before and the shades always stayed in place. I also like the fact that all their palettes come with a big mirror of great quality.


                    S W A T C H E S


          F I R S T I M P R E S S I O N



The first shade from this palette is a very unique cool toned light yellow. It was the shade that made me buy the palette in the first place, because I haven’t seen a highlighter like this before in a drugstore. It might be a dupe for a high end brand highlighter and if that is the case please let me know in the comment section below!

The second shade is a gorgeous duochromatic rose gold. From certain angles it looks slightly peach coloured and then again it is more pink and purple if you move it around. It is my favorite everyday highlighter at the moment. I think it is the most versatile shade of the palette.

The third shade is a beautiful lavender which reminded me a lot of the highlighter in the Sugar and Spice Ultra Blush Palette from Makeuprevolution. This colour doesn’t look very flattering on my skin tone but I think it might look amazing on someone with a deeper complexion.
I also think that this highlighter works great for avantgardistic makeup looks and it definitely can be used to spice up your every day makeup!

All shades have the same powdery consistency. I personally prefer powder highlighter, so I am quite happy with this product. The powder for these highlighters feels very soft and almost creamy in texture.

IMG_5165---My conclusion? All in all I am very happy with my purchase and I use this highlighter palette on a daily basis. I would recommend this palette to everyone who wants to try something different. It is not only cheap but also of great quality!

What is your favorite highlighter of all time? Do you have a holy grail?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day,



Check out my other blog posts about products from Makeuprevolution:
Golden Sugar Palette
Hot Spice Palette & Sugar and Spice Palette
Eyes Like Angels, Flawless & Beyond Flawless Eyeshadow Palettes


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Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows / SWATCHES / CLOSE-UPS / REVIEW

Hello friends,
today I want to share my new Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows with you! I already fell in love with the unique texture of these eyeshadows when I got my first three Super Shocks a while back. You can read what I wrote about Paradox, Animal and Dare here.


D I S C L A I M E R: This will be a very picture heavy post!
First I will show you swatches of all shades and after that I got a lot of close-ups shots taken in daylight and with indoor lighting for you!


The shades that I got are:

– Moonwalk
– Telepathy
– Prickly Pear
– Elixir
– So Quiche
– Game Face
– Static
– Drift
– Babykins
– Erotic
– Central Perk

                       S W A T C H E S



                  C L O S E – U P S

The first picture of every eyeshadow was taken in daylight and the second picture is taken in bright warm indoor lighting. I tried to describe the shades with my own words without looking the descriptions up from the official website. Also the second picture which is taken indoors shows how the shadows look like when you swatched them.

                  M O O N W A L K


Moonwalk is a very unique eyeshadow. The colour is changing from a green to a reddish brown depending on lighting! To be honest I wish the colour would pop a little more (no pun intended) when applied, because it is not very bright and kind of sheer especially when blended.

                  T E L E P A T H Y


Telepathy is a very bright and stunning yellowish golden shade. This eyecatching eyeshadow will look good on everyone in my opinion! I use it a lot at the moment.

             P R I C K L Y   P E A R


A light brown with strong golden glitter. It is very shiny and pretty when it gets hit by light.

                            E L I X I R


A matte brown shade that works beautifully as transition colour for blending and it is very pretty just on its own.

                   S O   Q U I C H E


This shade has pink and golden glitter. The pink glitter makes the cool towned greyish brown look very interesting.

                 G A M E   F A C E


Game Face looks like dissolved copper when swatched. It’s a beautiful shade that will suit every eye colour. Everyone should probably have an eyeshadow like this.

                          D R I F T


This shade is a dark red with glitter particles and it is also sheerer than Babykins, Static and Central Perk.

                           S T A T I C


Static and Drift look pretty much the same from the outside. But the swatches show, that Static is a dark rusty brown with a metallic finish whereas Drift is lighter and dark red with glitter particles.

                      B A B Y K I N S


Babykins is very similar to Drift and Static but has a cooler undertone and pink and silver sparkling glitter.

                        E R O T I C


A bright flamingo pink, a mix between red, pink and orange with pretty golden glitter particles.

              C E N T R A L   P E R K


A rich dark red-ish brown with a soft matte finish. The texture feels amazing and the shade blends well and is highly pigmented for a matte eyeshadow.


                        R E V I E W

As I said in my previews post about Super Shock Eyeshadows: these have an incredibly smooth texture which I absolutely love! They are very different from any powdery eyeshadow and every other eyeshadow in general that I own, except for some of the Sleek i-Divine eyeshadows that I own. But the eyeshadows from colourpop are still creamier. In my post about Dare, Animal and Paradox I assumed that the eyeshadows will dry out after a while, because it says that you have to keep the lid closed tightly to prevent them from losing their texture. Well, now that it has been a little bit over five months I have noticed a big difference in texture, especially when I compare the old to the new eyeshadows. They definitely dry out after a while, even when you don’t use them a lot!

My advice for working with the Super Shock eyeshadows is to use your fingertips instead of makeup brushes for application on your eyelid. For blending you can definitely use a brush but the application does not go too well for me if I only use a brush. I think that is because of the buttery consistency and texture difference since most brushes are made for the more powdery kind eyeshadow in the first place.


Please let me know if these extremely picture heavy posts are interesting for you or if you would prefer smaller pictures and less pictures in general of the products that I show you!

Have a nice day!


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Hey friends,
today I am sharing my super quick and easy fake freckles tutorial with you! I tried to figure out a way how everyone can do this without purchasing water based face paint. So if you don’t have brown face paint or stuff to mix a nice brown colour, you can just go ahead and buy instant coffee or use the one that you already have at home. I tried this out just for you and I really liked the outcome!

What you will need:

  • 2 bowls
  • hot water
  • a small brush
  • a sponge with big pores
  • either water activated face paint in brown (or colours to mix brown)
  • or instant coffee + a spoon

I used a basic cleaning sponge and it is very important that it has the same kind of structure like mine. You should be able to find the perfect sponge in the cleaning section at your local drugstore/supermarket.

Also: Have a look at pictures of people with freckles first. Check out the instagram account from Mr. Elbank for example. He takes great photographs of people with freckles and it can definitely help you a lot to have a look at real freckles before you try to fake them.

Note that I find it easiest to apply your regular makeup before doing the fake freckles, because afterwards you can not apply any foundation or concealer without ruining what you just created.


STEP 1: mix instant coffee with hot water

So if you are using the instant coffee you have to make sure you use just a liiiittle amount of hot water to dilute the coffee. You should be able to mix it but it should be still kind of thick. As you can see in my picture there was a little bit of instant coffee left on the spoon because it was hard to dilute it with such little water, but that is totally fine. Most important is that you get a dark brown to use for your freckles.


STEP 2: application / test on the back of your hand

Now this looks pretty dark and that’s where your second bowl comes in handy. You can put a little bit of water into the second bowl and dip in the sponge to make the brown freckles lighter. I recommend applying a thin layer of brown texture first and then going in with the darker brown.


You should try out the pattern of the sponge and the colour of your mixture on your hand first. I was happy with the results and started applying the ‘coffee paint’ on my face.


I already knew that I wanted to do dramatic freckles so I did not start very subtle and used the ‘coffee paint’ all over my face.


As you can see in this picture, my skin tone is rather pink so the coffee colour was not perfect for me. That is the reason why I usually mix my own colour with water activated face paint. But you should definitely try out coffee first before buying expensive makeup if you just want to create fake freckles for one makeup look only.



STEP 3: paint little dots on your nose bridge and cheeks

Now use your small brush to put little dots on your face. Usually the freckles are centered around the nose and under-eye area. Keep in mind that these sun spots show where the sun hits the skin a lot and if you ever had a sun burn on your face you probably know where to put the dots!



STEP 4: use powder to match the freckles to your skin tone and mattify

That’s it!
Inspired by the pictures of Mr. Elbank I exagerated the freckles to the max this time. I totally dig the outcome but it is up to you if you end up with a lot of freckles like me or just use this method to create a soft sun-kissed summer freckles look.

The only downside to the instant coffee method is the smell and maybe the colour, depending on your skin tone. If you do not like coffee smell you should consider buying brown face paint or try using cocoa powder mixed with hot water. I think these realistic fake freckles took me about 5-10 minutes in total. If you try this method please show me your results and tag me in your pictures on instagram (@melodyflausch). It was a lot of fun to use the instant coffee instead of my face paint, you should definitely give it a try!


I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Have a nice day! ❤


P.S.: Follow me on instagram @melodyflausch and check out my other fake freckles looks! I also created galaxy freckles that you should check out! ^-^







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Hello friends,

today I want to share a few pictures of my new brush set from bh cosmetics as well as a short review of them with you. This will be a picture heavy post as usual!  I got the Studded Couture 12 Piece Brush Set a few weeks ago during a holiday promotion for a huge discount. This set is now available for 24€ on the German website but I got it for 15€ during the sale. Most of the products are a lot cheaper on the American website (this set costs 20$). Whenever I am interested in any of their products I am waiting for a sale and I can only recommend you to do the same. It is really worth it! As a student it can be hard to find good quality brushes for a budget. So for me bh cosmetics it is! I paid 80 cents for each brush now and that is sooo affordable. Plus I got a pretty travel friendly box to put them in with the purchase. I have been lacking enough brushes ever since I was into make-up and it is so much more convenient to have for example three different blending brushes. You always need a new clean brush if you are going in with a lot of colours at the same time!

The set contains 12 super-soft synthetic face and eye cosmetic brushes.

  1. Large Angled Contour Brush
  2. Flat Buffing Brush
  3. Precision Brush
  4. Angled Face Shader Brush
  5. Pointed Foundation Brush
  6. Large Concealer Brush
  7. Domed Blending Brush
  8. Fluff Shadow Brush
  9. Tapered Blending Brush
  10. Angled Shading Brush
  11. Pencil Brush
  12. Angled Liner & Brow Brush



                                   Pictures with flash

You can definitely tell by the pictures that the brushes are made of a synthetic material.


                     FIRST IMPRESSIONS / REVIEW

I have tried these brushes for roughly 4 weeks now and I am really happy with their quality. For such a small budget you really get a lot! The main reason why I bought this set was the variety of brushes that I don’t own yet. I was especially eyeing the different blending brushes and the contour brushes. They did not disappoint me at all. The synthetic material is super soft and works well. My absolut favorite is the big domed blendig brush because of it’s versatility. I use it for applying highlighter as well as for applying eye shadow. If you are looking for a set that contains a variety of blending brushes this one is a good choice. Usually most brush sets come only with one blending brush in total.
For the gold-studded ivory cylindrical case that comes with the set I can say it is handy and very travel friendly. Though it smells awful like cheap plastic. I hope for the smell to go away soon. But I will definitely keep it for traveling. Fortunately the brushes themselves seem to be of a better quality or the plastic they’re made of simply doesn’t smell bad.
Hopefully you enjoyed this short review of the Studded Couture 12 Piece Brush Set and find it helpful!

Have a nice day!




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MAKEUPREVOLUTION – Eyes Like Angels, Flawless and Beyond Flawless Eyeshadow Palettes REVIEW

Hello friends,
today I want to share my first impressions on the Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes “Eyes Like Angels”, “Flawless” and “Beyond Flawless”. This post will be very picture heavy because often the pictures can speak for themselves! But I also included some of my thoughts in the end.

For my German readers: You can get your hands on these palettes at Rossmann now!! I am super excited to share the news with you, although I am probably kind of late. Actually I did not know Rossmann is selling Makeup Revolution’s products now until I stumbled accross the stand-up display myself last week!

                    P A C K A G I N Gimg_0980img_0971img_0980img_0985

All three palettes have a pretty metallic cardboard packaging that has a display of all the colours that the palette contains on the back of it. Each palette comes with a black hard plastic packaging like all other Makeup Revolution palettes that I own and they have a huge mirror of great quality. I like that they keep the design simple and classy. The black plastic is of good quality. I have droped my other palettes more than two times already and the plastic never broke or got damaged. Only one shadow broke but compared to other palettes that I own Makeup Revolution’s palettes take falling down quite good. A downside to the shiny black packaging is that you can easily see fingerprints on it and it is hard to keep it clean!



          E Y E S   L I K E   A N G E L S

with flash:img_1002without flash:img_1010without flash:IMG_1012.jpgwith flash:img_1004without flash:img_1024



                     F L A W L E S S

with flash:img_0987without flash:img_0986with flash:img_0994with flash:img_0987without flash:img_1038k

As you can see the swatches of some of the eyeshadows look almost identical. I was quite surprised that they do not vary that much. The palette would be alright with probably only half of the shades that are in it.





        B E Y O N D   F L A W L E S S

img_0996with flash:img_0998with flash:img_0996img_1029k

As you can see the matte shades swatch pretty uneven and there is a lot of fallout and crumbling going on. The shimmery eyeshadows are nice and soft and I like their buttery texture.


                       T E X T U R E

I am kind of sad about the fact that the matte shades in all three palettes are very powdery and the colour pay-off is not good either. Some of them crumble too much and there is a lot of fallout if you try to get a lot of colour on your lid. You should definitely use a good primer to make these work well. I came to the conclusion that the lighter the matte shade the harder it is to work with and the darker the colour the worse the fallout.

The shimmery and metallic eyeshadows are very creamy and rich in pigmentation. I totally love all of the shades that contain shimmer from all three palettes. They are easy to work with and blend very nicely.


A P P L I C A T I O N  &  D U R A B I L I T Y

I used all three palettes for my makeup already and so far I am happy with the durability of these shadows. They last 8 hours even without primer. Usually I only apply them with my fingertip on my eyelid that was primed with a little bit of bb cream. Then I used a fluffy blending brush to smooth out the edges. This method worked pretty well. I also used brushes to apply the shadows but I feel like the metallic eyeshadows go on best when you use your fingers for application.


               C O N C L U S I O N

The Eyes Like Angels palette is my favorite out of the three. The main reason is that the colours vary a lot. It contains as many subtles as brights so it is very versatile. The texture of the shades in this palette is also the best because it has only a few matte shades.
My least favorite is the Flawless palette. I was sure would love it because I am a huge fan of rose gold shades. Sadly this palette contains most of the matte eyeshadows and therefore has the worst quality in my opinion. Also I feel like the eyeshadows do not differ that much compared to the Beyond Flawless palette which is my second favorite.

I would not purchase the Flawless palette again but I would definitely buy the Beyond Flawless and the Eyes Like Angels palette again! Keep in mind that this is my personal preference and you should definitely swatch all of the colours for yourself if you have the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately I did not have the chance to swatch any of these palettes beforehand. Maybe you will like the Flawless palette better than the others and it will be your new holy grail. So far I have been very happy with all my Makeup Revolution products and I will definitely check out their other stuff!

There will be some makeup looks coming in the future where I use these palettes so stay tuned and follow me on instagram @melodyflausch!

Hopefully this review was helpful for you! ❤
Have a nice day,


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